FINALLY...a Jiu Jitsu Dummy Designed By Fighters For Fighters.

Joe Wilk and Abe Wagner used their combined 50 professional MMA fights and over 20 years of experience to create the world's best BJJ/MMA dummy!

Train when you want to - 24/7

Safely train around an injury.

Repetition is key, gets as many reps as you want!

The ultimate teaching tool - perfect for demoing techniques during private lessons.

See It In Action

Leg Enclosure

More than just simulating the guard, the specific angles of the enclosure allow for realistic movement patterns in every position imaginable. Half guard, mount, turtle, you name it...

Elevated Head

Let's be honest: if your head is on the ground while you're on your back, you either suck at Jiu-Jitsu, or you're knocked out — or both.  So why is this what every other dummy simulates? The BJJ-9000 has an elevated head for realistic striking angles.

Turtle/Back Position

The calculated ratios and angles of the BJJ-9000 allow it to be on its "hands and knees" in the turtle or referee's position. This gives you the opportunity to work all of your back positions and submissions. The leg enclosure even lets you sink your hooks in when taking the back!