Can you punch it?

Yes, of course!

But can you also sit on it while you put your hand wraps on?

We know this is what most grappling dummies in gyms are used for right now. It was important to us to keep all of the existing functionality while adding patent-pending improvements so go ahead and sit on it!

What is it made of?

There is a steel internal “skeleton” that allows it to keep its shape and form. That steel is covered in padding and then covered with an anti-microbial outer cover.

Can you extend the arms, like to finish an armbar?

In this case, being able to extend the arms to finish an armbar would take away its stability and ability to be used in the turtle/referee’s position. BJJ is about position before submission. Once you get into a good armbar position, anybody can pull backward. The BJJ-9000 trains you to get into the correct submission position.

What about breaking the guard?

We are considering this for future iterations, but we are concerned with losing stability and structure for other positions besides the guard in doing so.

How big is it?

The BJJ-9000's proportions were modeled after someone who is 5’8" and it weighs approximately 40lbs. It's light enough to be able to move, but heavy enough that you need to move it correctly and use proper angles.

Additional Questions

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