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Joe & Abe

Joe Wilk and Abe Wagner met at an MMA event in February of 2007 when Abe was fighting and Joe was cornering another fighter. Since then the two have remained close friends. Between the two, they have over 50 professional MMA fights and over two decades of professional fighting experience.

One night at an after party following an MMA event, drinks (and ideas) were flowing and their plan to revolutionize the grappling dummy industry was born!

Meet Joe


Joe is a Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu Black Belt under Daniel "Montanha" De Lima, a Master Trainer for the US Army's Modern Army Combatives Program, and a professional fighter with over 10 years experience and over 30 professional fights.

Meet Abe


Abe was active as a professional MMA fighter for over a decade (retired May 2017), fighting for numerous promotions such as Bellator, Titan FC, and Victory FC. Additionally, he appeared on season 10 of The Ultimate Fighter. His most notable win was against former UFC World Champion Tim Sylvia in Titan FC.

Abe also has a degree in mechanical engineering from Michigan Tech University, which he put to good use in developing the BJJ-9000 from initial concept to finished product, ready for sale.