Meet BJJ-9000

The BJJ-9000 features several patent-pending technologies so you can train in the most realistic way possible. Every angle, every measurement, everything - is precisely calculated to allow maximum functionality. It was designed especially for you to train and ingrain specific movement patterns and habits.

The internal steel frame allows it to hold its shape and position regardless of what you do to it. This allows for more than executing single moves — entire sequences can be done without having to "reset" the way you have to with other dummies. Jiu-Jitsu isn't a game of single moves, it's about stringing together combinations against your opponent. Here are just a couple examples of sequences that can be done with the BJJ-9000.


Now let's break down some of the more common Jiu-Jitsu positions.

In The Guard

The leg enclosure allows you to work from inside the guard. The weight and angle of the legs work to pull you back into the guard as you work for posture. Once you stand in the guard, the angle of the neck makes the head go flat and chambers it against the ground in one of the most common MMA striking positions. Check out this quick guard demo:

In Half Guard

The arms and legs of the BJJ-9000 are positioned to train proper hip pressure. When you apply hip pressure, the dummy rolls on his side to face you just like a real opponent would. From there, you need to work to flatten the dummy out in order to pass the guard. Watch the half guard video below to see more.

Side Control

From side control, the angle of the hips makes it so the legs are up, just like a real opponent's legs would be. Once you sit through into scarf hold position, the angle of the arms allows you to work on getting your leg underneath the elbow. Watch below.


The mount is self-explanatory, but its really the only thing that other dummies are good for. However, rather than the head just laying flat as though your opponent is already KO'ed, the BJJ-9000's head is in an elevated position. This doesn't seem like much of a difference, but it dramatically changes the punching angles and posture you need to maintain while punching.


The ratios and proportions of the BJJ-9000 allow the dummy to be on its knees in the referee's or turtle position. From there you can work all of your front headlock sequences. Once you take the back and sink your hooks in, the rigid structure allows you to really crank on it with your hips trying to flatten out your opponent. Check out the video below for more detail.


These are just some of the positions available. Soon, we'll be releasing additional videos of the X-guard, the bottom guard, the bottom mount and several other sequences. 

This is by far the most effective training dummy in the world. We've never seen anyone get bored with this dummy. Though we've tested it with 100's of people, each one naturally finds another move or sequence that we've never seen before. You gotta try it for yourself!!!