UFC MMA Trainer

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This is the same great dummy, just with a prettier logo!

FINALLY...a Jiu Jitsu Dummy Designed By Fighters For Fighters.

Joe Wilk and Abe Wagner used their combined 50 professional MMA fights and over 20 years of experience to create the world's best BJJ/MMA dummy!

You're about to purchase the most innovative and effective dummy in the world!

Train when you want to - 24/7

Safely train around an injury.

Repetition is key, gets as many reps as you want!

The ultimate teaching tool - perfect for demoing techniques during private lessons.

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Seek accredited training prior to using this product as MMA and Brazilian Jiu JItsu are contact sports. This product provides a degree of protection, but it is not guaranteed to prevent injuries. Users of this product could be subject to injury, including death. The user must therefore assume full responsibility for all risk of injuries. The manufacturer and distributor assume no liability for any injury or death suffered while using the product(s).

Note: With time and use, the materials used in this product will lose some of its effectiveness and will require replacement.